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Trading Technology


Our FIX API allows your clients to connect to you directly and expand your client base strategically.

Being a Liquidity Provider

Our tools are state of the art and user-friendly to ensure efficiency through simplicity. These tools enable your trade to be done effectively and instantly.

Offer FIX API Trading

With FIX API, you may now accept FIX API flow from any engines and offer FIX API trading to your clients via any trading applications

New Business

The institutional space becomes more accessible without the need for alternate platforms

MT4/MT5 Bridge

This cutting edge software creates a flexible transmission system that networks you directly to your clients, enabling smooth customisation of business to balance profits and risks. This electronic platform allows you to choose predetermined aspects by day, time, client position, account number and symbol.

It enables your company to connect to multiple liquidity providers at the same time to bring the best services to your clients. This platform integrates an advanced search functionality, enabling simple inspection through past trades.

Manage Risks

The Bridge is a practical and flexible tool, allowing you to manage your settings in real-time. It manages your orders by time, size, leverage, account balance, comments and more. Pricings are customisable within the Bridge.

Reduce Plugins

Plugins on your server create technological risk. With assistance from the Bridge, it reduces Plugins to eliminate risks and costs ultimately