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  • Level 8, 88 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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Risk Management

Our services provide a holistic analysis to ensure protection form the unpredictable trading conditions that are related to unique risk tolerance. Our automated technology operates in a timely routine for cost-saving and time-saving purposes.

24 Hours Coverage

Holistic support

Our risk management monitors trade flow, market conditions and pricing thoroughly around the clock.


With Primexecute, we provide various reports concerning your company trading activities and required actions for your company’s profit. Each reporting outcomes are customisable.

Price Analysis

Our years of international experience have enabled us to build the best liquidity solutions for companies with the desire to maximise returns and manage their risks while maintaining profitability to bring forth the best products for their clients.

Client Support

Our Support team is available to assist you in ensuring that your risk management process is running smoothly. Our support services include symbol maintenance, swap updates, and contract expirations.


Our alerts are customised to meet your needs – warnings are spotted and analysed in real-time to increase sensitivity and to be on guard in identifying changes in behaviours or toxic trading.

Trading and Technology

Our services incorporate state of the art trading technology, invented to provide efficient and reliable management tools to maximise profitability. Professionals design our solutions with your goals and visions in mind.